Thursday, June 30, 2011

Losing It

Things I've lost:
-My bowling ball (yes, seriously)
-My copy of Iron Man 2 on Blu-ray (I've looked everywhere!)
-The desire (and possibly the physical ability) to watch MTV
-Sleep over which seat to take (thanks to Rebecca Black) and which reality I'm in (thanks to Inception)

Things I wish I could lose:
-My crippling fears of public speaking, spiders, and Willem Defoe
-These last pesky 85 pounds
-A game of Trivial Pursuit (to prove I'm human)

Things I'm losing:
-My hair
-My dignity (because of the hair)
-Ground in my battle to lose weight
-My patience with the lack of response from President Obama to my letters (asking him to bring back Arrested Development)
-The ability to write good blog posts (as evidenced here)


Leah Hollett said...

If I donate a dollar to your blog... will you write again?

Taylor said...

Yes. But save your dollar. I'll write again soon. I think I just needed a break.

Leah Hollett said...

lol. ok. i still check every morning. take your break... but make it snappy!

DD said...

Where. ARE. YOU??? Everything OK?