Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Please Donate To My Ego

I just remembered one of the reasons I stopped blogging a few months ago. Yes, I was busy. Yes, my life was getting so normal that I didn't have as many weird stories to share. But also, I remember thinking to myself, "Nobody reads these blog posts. I'm writing for no one." And that stemmed from the fact that I wasn't getting any comments. And then I looked at the stats for my blog. It shows how many people have looked at each post. And I realized that people were reading the posts, but not commenting. And that's a little different because it meant people were still showing up.  So that realization was one of the reasons I started writing again.

But I still can't shake that feeling that I'm talking to almost nobody. And the only thing sadder than a blogger (I'm allowed to say that) is a lonely blogger who doesn't have any readers. So even though I'm logical enough to know that people are reading, seeing "0 comments" on six straight posts hits me right in my lonely gland (I have a sensitive lonely gland - it's a rare condition).

That being said, I'm not begging people to comment here. Begging is sad. And it's usually asking for something that you don't deserve. I'm simply pleading. Pleading is different. I think I deserve some comments on here. So I'm pleading, not begging.

But just to make sure that you have something to comment on... don't comment on this post. It's kinda dumb. Go back to a random post from the past. There are about 450 of them to choose from. I get an email with a "Blog" label on it that tells me someone's commented. And I appreciate every single one I get. So it'll be like watching a telethon for my ego and seeing the numbers go up to improve my self-centeredness. So please donate. My ego wants it.


Jeska Stowell said...

Dear Taylor,

As a frequent reader/commenter on your blog, I feel I have the right to comment on this post. Sometimes I feel like the only kid in class with the answers, and feel bad about commenting too often!

First, let me say that I love your sense of humor, and really enjoy what you write. I look forward to your posts, and often read them to my husband when he's trying to fall asleep at night. (Also, I'm sorry about the mango experience because they're delicious- you just have to floss afterwards. I have Wikiphilia too, but I can quit any time I like. And I didn't want to try to make a joke but end up just leaving a lame comment on your Facebook humor post.)

Second, please accept my apologies for not commenting recently, but I have a really good excuse. My life kinda went on hold a couple weeks ago (including the very important job of blog commenting) because I had a baby! There were complications and such, so we were in the hospital a lot sooner and a lot longer than expected. But finally everyone is home and healthy and seriously sleep deprived (this is our first kiddo).

Thirdly, I wish my blog had as many readers as yours, but I don't think I write anything nearly as interesting or appreciated by a general audience. Carry on. No matter how big or small, you make a happy dent in the world, and there are those of us who appreciate it.


Dana said...

I know you said commenting on this post was 'dumb', but hey, I'm a rebel. Not really, but you knew that already.

I enjoy all your posts :) Sorry that I do not always comment! I always enjoyed our talks and your blog posts are like I still get your half of the conversations.

Take care!!

Leah Hollett said...

My biggest reason for not commenting is because I don't want you to think I'm a stalker... because I'm NOT! It was so funny that you mention this though because (no joke) I JUST posted on facebook: "That moment when you realize your mom is the only one who ever comments on your blog...) So lol... at least we're not your mom.