Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Just Laziness I Guess

People still blog, right?  This hasn't become a thing of the past like AIM away messages and dial-up, has it?  I hope not, because so much has happened since I last posted on here.  I joined Twitter (@thats_so_taylor), my wife and I started shopping for houses, we found out she was pregnant with our third child, and most importantly... I started working out!  So in theory, I should have a lot to blog about now that I have so many new sources for stories.  But that's just a theory.  You can't hold me to that expectation (I'll get a lawyer).

So I won't share everything in one post.  I'll start with the most surprising news I have.  It's not my pregnant wife.  We've experienced that twice already.  And it's not the Twitter thing (@thats_so_taylor) because I've mentioned before that I wanted to do that.  And it's not the home-shopping.  We have a kid going into school next year, and we need him in a good district.  No, in fact, the biggest news is the fact that I started working out!  (Okay, not the most interesting news, but the most likely to provide my much-needed avenue for bragging.)

So far my favorite thing about working out is my ability to flex my pecs on command.  You may have seen musclebound dudes bouncing their pectoral muscles and laughing about it.  I've always found that disturbing.  But the interesting thing is that just a few chest workouts and it's pretty easy to do the bouncy trick.  The only problem is that instead of a bouncing muscle, I have incredible bouncing man-boobs.  And it's not as disturbing as it is hilarious and embarrassing (hilarious for onlookers, embarrassing for me).  So for the time being, I'll stick to doing it while I type (a.k.a. - right now).

So now I'm looking for ways to get rid of the piggyback effect of the chest flab.  As disturbing as it would be to be able to do the pec dance for others, I'd still like to have that talent.  It's similar to my desire to cry on command.  It's not that people will think it's cool, it's that it's rare and makes people feel awkward.

Oh yeah, also... my Twitter "handle" (username? address? call sign?) is @thats_so_taylor.  Check it out and tell your friends.  So far I have one follower.  And chances are... it's not you.

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JESKA said...

Three followers.

And welcome back.
And congrats.
And good luck.