Monday, July 2, 2012

Wit Beyond Measure

I appreciate wit. I will count you as a friend immediately if you can make me say, "I see what you did there!" This explains why I appreciate clever vanity plates. And it explains my use of Facebook, blogging, and Twitter to spout off nerdy, ridiculous puns. And it also explains my obsession with Community on NBC (moving to Fridays this fall!). And I've noticed that graffiti, even though it's illegal and destructive, can be quite witty. And I almost feel excluded because I never get to publicly post things like that. So my compromise is to post funny non-destructive graffiti on signs and photos around the office.

There was a safety poster in our office a while back that included a picture of a truck, precariously propped up on blocks of wood with a person lying underneath it. I guess you're supposed to re-evaluate your behavior based on that photo, but it was of such poor quality that it was hard to tell what was going on in the picture. Anyway, the caption said, "What's wrong with this picture?" So being the hilariously witty person I am, I put a sticky note on it that said "It's blurry." And it got at least one laugh (from me) and possibly more. But somebody took it down the same day (because we take safety seriously or something like that).

So I was in a mood that day to find something else to comment on. And I got a great opportunity in the break room. There was another safety sign near the microwave; this time about microwave/fire safety. So behold my clever wittiness (or witty cleverness if you prefer that term):

Okay, embarrassing confession of the day: I hung out in the break room as much as I could that day to make sure I was around when someone "discovered" the sign. And it got a big laugh. So I felt confident in my witty sign abilities. I hope this isn't a slippery slope towards a life of graffiti crime.


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Three things: I had a coworker who always caught us off guard with Joe Mama jokes. He happened to be the only male in our office, and had a problem remembering to lower the toilet seat. I got him back one day, when I put a sign on the underside of the seat that said "Joe always puts down the toilet seat."

Also, you should get some of xkcd's "Actual Size" stickers. (

Thirdly, my husband likes to steal the "Instantly Slimming" stickers off of women's shirts at Walmart, and put them on things like mirrors, candy, and lard.