Monday, April 25, 2011

All The Right Reasons

This is my 400th blog post.  And since I've reposted so much stuff and borrowed so much other stuff, 400 means absolutely nothing.  Except maybe that I've spent a lot of time posting to this blog.

So let me assure you, my purest desires for this blog are still here.  And in case you're wondering what those desires might be, here they are, each with an explanation:

1. Money.  Lots and lots of money. - I'm not entirely sure how this works yet.  Maybe some sort of benefactor.  Maybe a rich cyberstalker with little to do with his/her money.  Time will tell.

2. Fame.  Lots and lots of fame.  - Again, not sure how that works.  I'm pushing two years on this thing and I'm not sure my parents even know I still post here.  And if you make a graph of my followers by date (which I have), you can see a noticeable plateau since I stopped putting my link on craiglist under the title "need to sell this car quick before moving overseas - $300".

3. Creative Outlet.  Lots and lots of outlet. - This one I'm feeling successful on.  I rarely even share anecdotal stories with my friends anymore.  When they ask me what's been going on, I just shake my head and hand them a napkin with my blog URL scribbled on it.

I'd like to pretend that I'd still write here if people weren't following me or actively/occasionally reading it.  But we both know that's a lie.  I do it for the people.  I do it for the tens of followers I've amassed (only 6 of which are dummy accounts I created out of self-pity).  Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go write my URL on a bunch more napkins.  My supply is running low.


Jennifer said...

Can I help you with all three? I'll pay you (money) for a creative (creative outlet) autograph (fame).

I will pay you a (Canadian) dime.

Rob Slaven said...

400 posts in 2 years? Fairly respectable. About a set of encyclopedias worth. *shrug* Well, supermarket encyclopedias... the kind you get for buying $20 in groceries like 20 weeks in a row... still...

Taylor said...

@Jennifer, I accept. Expect the autograph to arrive by post in 3-5 business years.

@Rob, I've been going to the wrong grocery store. Mine doesn't give away encyclopedias. I feel cheated.

Jennifer said...

Ok. I'm sending it to:
Houston, Texas
United States

I think that's all the information that's needed.

Robert said...

Keep up the good work! I check you blog daily and am always amused!