Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Can't Commit To One Spelling For That Color

There seems to be some sort of struggle going on at the top of my head.  Because all the hair on the sides of my head is turning grey (or gray). But the hair in the middle seems to hate the very idea of changing color.  So they're going out, seppuku-style instead of facing the shame of the gray (grey) movement.  So all the hair from my forehead to the tip-top of my head is making a grand exodus. What that means is that pretty soon I'll be mostly brown with a giant forehead, mostly grey/gray with a semi-full head of hair, or some horrible combination of the two.  In other words I'll be one of the following:

A) George Castanza

B) Anderson Cooper

or C) Dick Cheney

If I had a choice, I'd choose gray (or grey). I would rather have a full head of radiant silver locks than a brunette comb-over. In fact, I'd rather be born with gray/grey hair than lose all of it.  But I have a very strong feeling that it'll be option C before I'm 35.

And that brings me to option D; buzzing/shaving my head.  I can throw up the white flag and skip all this nonsense by grabbing my clippers and choosing my own destiny.  But due to my pale skin and the dark bags under my eyes, I'm really afraid that option D would look something like this:


Anonymous said...

Start off with a "long" buzz cut.

Lynnette said...

I can no longer commit to a spelling of gray/grey either. I used to have a strong preference for one over the other. But I can no longer remember which I liked. So I now alternate the spelling every other time I write it. Which looks rather odd when it's within the same story.

Jeska said...

I agree with Anon. Long buzz cut.

Lemony Fresh said...

I think gray/grey should be spelled with that ae combination letter so you don't have to choose. Græy. There. That takes care of it.

I think you should have lovely silver locks. Do what you can to get that going on.