Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Just A Cup, But I'm Neurotic

Everyday, there is a paper coffee cup on the counter in the men's bathroom. But there is never a potential owner of said cup in the bathroom with it. And the cup is dry, inside and out. And it doesn't have any trace that it's been used to hold coffee. And everyday, I pick up the cup, and look inside to find it utterly empty and unused. Then I throw it in the trash, shaking my head.

One day I decided that it was probably just weird timing. Maybe someone brought it in there and the few days I found it, they were about to waltz back in to grab the forgotten cup. So I left it there. And it sat there in the same spot for two days. So I threw it away again. And the next morning, a new cup was on the counter.

I've also paid attention to where it sits on the counter, thinking it might be to catch a leak from the ceiling that starts after I leave for the day. But the cup is in a different spot every time I go in there. And one day I saw it at 8:15 in the morning. So I threw it away. And lo and behold, when I went back in at 10:00, another cup was there.

And I've come to a conclusion that you must have come to while reading this post. I am steadily going insane. "It's just a cup, what do you care?" you might ask me. But it's not just a cup. It's a series of cups with no perceivable purpose. And someone who doesn't know me (because nobody in this office knows me) is doing this simply to mess with me. And they're destroying my slowly unraveling mind.

I don't think I can win this one. They have an unlimited supply of cups, and I can't stand in the bathroom and wait to catch them because that's frowned on (it's in the handbook). But if I leave the cup in the bathroom, my brain will explode. So short of leaving an ill-received passive-aggressive note, I'm not sure what to do.  I think I have to quit.


Lynnette said...

I did not have the thought that you're steadily going insane. Instead, I thought you should leave a note. But you covered that in your next to last sentence.

I'm still contemplating what would win for me: would I throw away the cup because it's driving me bonkers, or would I leave it there because I'm just ooked out enough to not want to touch something that someone else left in a bathroom?

Sheppitsgal said...

Can't you set up some sort of cctv system? Or is that also frowned upon?

Taylor said...

I think I've decided what to do. I'm going to join them. I'm going to bring a cup into the bathroom every time I go in there. And then they'll be stumped!

Also, @Sheppitsgal, that might work. You know anyone who will install a hidden camera in a men's bathroom?

DD said...

You gotta leave something different. Something so totally random that it will drive them completely nuts. Pony bead? Sunflower seed? Tongue depressor? Nuts or bolts?

DD said...

No wait. Put whatever you bring IN the cup. That will really mess with them!