Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Written Warning

My older brother is quite the prankster.  He'll mess with just about anybody.  And that includes strangers.  In fact, last week he went to the bathroom at work and heard snoring.  He looked under the stall door and saw that someone was sitting on the toilet and apparently deeply asleep.  And he noticed that the guy's pants weren't at his ankles.  So that meant that he'd snuck in there with the express purpose of sleeping on the job.

So my brother, the prankster that he is, jumped into action.  He went to his desk, typed up a funny note, printed it and headed back to the bathroom.  And this is what he slid under the stall door before dashing out:
Your snoring is exceeding acceptable decibel level guidelines as outlined in the Employee Handbook. Please lower your snoring to an acceptable decibel level or face the following disciplinary actions:

1. Bucket of water.
2. Being sprayed with Lysol.
3. Lights off.
4. Picture taken and posted.

Thank you for your continued commitment to employee excellence!

Have a great (and refreshed) day!

And that's why my older brother is my hero.

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