Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm Still Alive

Okay, I forgot I had a blog.  I'm that guy now.  Go figure.  I always make fun of that guy.  And instead of boring you with my "reasons" (that's fancy talk for "excuses"), I'll just give you a quick update.  Here are the things happening in my family's life:

-We're having a girl!  In May! (this is the part where I panic because that's close)
-We bought a house!
-I'm losing weight! (slowly)
-My kids are growing up! (quickly)

Okay, so that's actually all normal life stuff.  It's exciting normal life stuff, but still.

I make no promises that I'll be back here.  But I do feel that it's a shame that I'm letting so many good stories go unblogged.  I wanted to keep up this blog as a memory aid for when I'm older and I don't remember all the stuff that's happened with me, my friends, and my family (especially the kids).  So I might try.  Laziness usually trumps my blog promises to strangers who have probably long since left this space.

However, I can promise one thing.  There will be a new post tomorrow morning.  And by the time you read this, you'll probably see both of them together because, let's face it, nobody checks this blog anymore.  But I'm gonna go write it now and schedule it for tomorrow.  Technology!

K, bye.


Jeska Stowell said...

Haha. Read it before the next one came up!

And woohoo! He's aliiiiive! (But I already knew that, because I follow your twitter feed.)

I'm having a boy in May. It's crazy close. I'm kinda panicking too. Congrats. :)

Lindalou said...

Just happened to check it today. Great timing.

Congrats on the girl and yes, May is close. You do have great stories, so keep it going.

Leah Hollett said...

Congrats on the girl! I think everyone should have at least 3 kids... puts a good perspective on life. And my advice is to push past the insanity of 3 and go ahead and do a fourth. LOL

Lindsay said...

I'm still checking your blog :) so not EVERYONE is gone!