Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Just Have Something In My Eye, That's All

I think women get a bad wrap for not being in control of their emotions. I think they're just less adept at hiding it. Because I get upset about some pretty stupid stuff. And I freak out (albeit internally) when something really petty gets to me. I mean, I don't cry during sunsets or Oprah, but my internal monologue includes phrases like "not fair" and "I can't believe she said that."

Here's a good example of what I'm talking about. In my senior year of high school, all my CDs were stolen from a cabinet in the newspaper staff room. Putting aside the dorkiness of my being a member of the high school newspaper staff, this was a sad day for me. And I can still remember which CDs I'm missing. But the one that stings most is my Lou Bega CD. Because I can go to a store and replace my Wallflowers CD and my Tim McGraw Greatest Hits CD if I really wanted to. But I will never walk into a store and look for Lou Bega (wait, is there still a 'Mambo' section?). I'm pretty sure no one would have it and I wouldn't want anyone to hear me ask for it or see me purchase it. Anyway, it still makes me sad to this day that I don't have closure with that album, as outdated and ridiculous as it would be now. And I feel a little pang in my heart (half nostalgia, half embarrassment, half sadness... half misunderstanding of halves) every time I think about it.

Here's one more example. I have to fight back tears when I watch those fatties on The Biggest Loser. There's something about watching somebody change their life through diet and exercise. And then to see when they reunite with their family and their brother or sister can hug them and make it all the way around for the first time in years... I get a little choked up.

So maybe I should be easier on my wife the next time she gets upset. I'll just think about Mambo Number 5 and those slightly overweight people holding the giant pants in front of them like Jared from Subway.

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Alex Getts said...

Does iTunes have your Lou Bega album? That way no embarrassment in human interaction would be required. That's what I'd do.