Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sick Days Can Be Fun Days

I called in sick yesterday. And I felt bad for doing it. I wasn't lying. I emailed my boss and explained that I was feeling better, but thought it best to take one more day to fully recover and make sure I didn't get anyone at work sick. So I wasn't lying or pretending. But I still felt bad. I felt like "being sick" should mean having a fever and staying in bed all day. Or maybe throwing up and not changing out of my pajamas. But I got up at a decent time and took a shower. I straightened up a few messes I'd made over the weekend. And then I played video games all day while my wife was out with the kids. (On a sidenote, she met some other moms at a ranch and my son got to ride a horse and play in a haystack. So I was jealous. I love horses and hay!)

And now I'm grappling with myself on how much information to share with my boss. Do I admit that I felt okay, but I was worried about getting coworkers sick? Or do I just not say anything? Because if I don't say anything, I'm implying that I was deathly ill. Either way I feel like I was dishonest, even though I wasn't.

I'm really having trouble with the fact that I had fun on a day when I called in sick. I feel like I broke the law or something.

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AFWingMom said...

What did you do? I rarely, rarely call in sick so I totally get what you are saying. I feel like I need to be coughing up my left lung or something needs to be dangling from a tendon in order to justify my calling in. I am quite obviously indispensable at work and therefore cannot afford to call in, right? I am sure the world will cease turning and that my customers will wail and moan and thrash about because I didn't make it in.

Or they'll just go eat lunch.

Hope you're feeling better.