Friday, November 6, 2009

"I Wondered Where That Went!"

It's moving day here at our office. Our entire group is moving next door to another building. I've packed all my supplies and personal items and tagged them accordingly. But here's the weird stuff I found:

-A basketball (fully inflated)
-An Iron Man cake topper
-An expired coupon for Ballpark Franks (I've been looking for that for months)
-A Michael Scott mousepad (that I totally forgot to mail to AFWingMom for winning the caption contest!)
-A grocery sack full of Coca-Cola product bottle caps and box tops (redeemed for 4500 Coke Reward points and then redeemed for my first pair of Nike Shox)
-A Garfield piggy bank
-A printout of this.
-One nickel and 3 wheat pennies

That's all the interesting stuff. I've already put my 8 cents in my Garfield bank and ripped the expiration date off my hot dog coupon so I can try it this week at the grocery store.


Josh said...

Dude, I feel your office moving pain. But at least someone else will do all the heavy lifting.


AFWingMom said...

Haha! I actually forgot about the Michael Scott mousepad....that's what she said! Love that guy - and love the printout. That's seriously the best show EVER.

Glad you got your Nike Shox and hopefully you won't be arrested for attempting to use an expired coupon.

Oh and only 19 days until I say I'm sorry.