Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dance, Dance Imitation

The biggest boost to my ego these days (besides comments on my blog posts) is compliments I get about my children. I never imagined that someone could make my day so easily just by saying, "She talks really well for her age." or "He's only three?! Wow, he's tall!" Not that we really had anything to do with either of those things. We haven't been secretly taking my daughter to toddler linguistics classes or sneaking my son injections of HGH. And while it's true that they get their intelligence from my wife and their height from me, we can't really take any credit for any of that. It's really just genetics.

But my son did start picking up on something I can take credit for. He's developed quite a talent for dancing (to Justin Bieber songs, mostly). And my wife posted a video of this on Facebook for all of our friends to see. Well, 650 of her friends and 140 of mine (she's way more popular than me). All the comments were either "that's so cute" comments or "where did he learn that?" comments. And I'll gladly take credit for his dance moves. He's definitely never seen his mother dance (neither have I for that matter). And I dance around with my kids all the time. So I know he picked up his moves from me.

The reason this boosts my ego so much is because I've never shown anyone my dancing abilities, outside of my immediate family. (Nor will I ever show anyone.) So the only way I can get a compliment for them is by having my son emulate them. It's a good way to get constructive criticism without the risk of embarrassment. So all 19 comments saying how awesome the video is (17 from her friends, 2 from my friends) might as well be saying how awesome I am. And that is definitely a boost to my ego.


Lynnette said...

Disturbing how much a blog comment can boost your confidence, isn't it? Even more disturbing is that my husband pays attention to when I last had a comment on my blog, and if it's approaching a month (because I'm just that popular), he'll leave a well-constructed pity comment.

Rory said...

You know, Taylor..3 of those comments were yours! Maybe you should just always comment on your own posts, you could even create a separate identity...or do it anonymously and correct your own grammar! ;)

AFWingMom said...

I like blog comments as well. And followers. It's all a part of my master plan to become famous and have a job that's waaay more fun than my current job. With my current 28 followers I can hardly keep up with the sporadic one or two comments that I receive. I must learn to pace myself.