Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Start A Revolution From My Blog

Violent behavior does not run in my family. We're pretty passive people for the most part. I can't remember ever getting in a physical altercation with a person. So I take that to mean that I'm either really good at repressing memories, I have a Mr. Hyde-like alter ego, or I simply don't get violent. And my older brother is the same way. We're good at chickening out and walking away from a fight.

Well a few years ago my older brother went to Disney World and almost got into a fight with what he called "some jerks from New Jersey." He said he was within 3 seconds of punching one of them in the face. Apparently, they were all getting on the bus that takes you from the park to your on-site resort. And since the bus was crowded, it was taking people a longer time to get on the bus. And a couple of loud, obnoxious guys with slicked back black hair and ridiculous clothing started shoving their way onto the bus because they wanted to ensure they got in. On their way in, they shoved my brother's wife almost to the floor. So there was an exchange of some terse words and the two morons declined to apologize. In fact, they further defended their actions, stating that "she shouldn't have been in the way." So I can understand why my brother almost came to blows with those two. Luckily, his wife was there to calm him down and help resolve the situation peacefully (she carries pepper spray).

And now that I think about it, I realize that people like those two idiots now have their own TV show!  Moronic, egotistical thugs with those attitudes (and those jacked up fashion senses) have now been convinced of their own superiority due to misguided public attention and corporate greed. So I've decided to completely boycott their show. And I'll be campaigning for it to be taken off the air. So join me in my quest to get these idiots off the air. Let's all band together and get rid of iCarly!

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Alex Getts said...

My wife and I went to NYC for our honeymoon. However, it was cheaper to stay in New Jersey and take the train to Manhattan. Anyways, the first day we went to the City, this lady was pushing her way through the train because she "needed to get through" regardless of the fact that people were standing in the aisles because there literally was nowhere to sit. And regardless of how many people said "I can't move, there's nowhere TO move" she still HAD to get through. The jerk.