Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And... Break!

Alright, I'm callin' it.  With one day of work left this week and no motivation at all, I'm just gonna stop blogging for the rest of 2010.  I'd really be forcing it if I tried to think of funny stories for even one more day.  And if I try, I'm just gonna over-promise and under-deliver, and nobody wants that.

But hey, at least I'm honest with you about it.  I'll pick it up again next week/year (maybe).


Rory said...

I was just thinking about something the other day and I think you are the perfect person to address this....what's the protocol on seeing a stranger in public in an embarrassing situation..pants unzipped, toilet paper on their foot, etc?

Taylor said...

Out of Blogger AutoReply:

I will be out of the blogging world and returning Monday, January 3. If you need immediate assistance, please email me at

(Also, the protocol is to tell them, but only if they're an old person. If they're not an old person, just quietly get out your camera phone.)

Kendra said...

HAHAHA Like This response a thousand times!

Kendra said...

My favorite blog....NAOOOOO

ps...dedpa is my captcha. Is this blog dedpa? LMAO!