Thursday, February 17, 2011

Comments On My Comment?

I saw a zebra car the other day. And I don't mean a car with a zebra paint job. I mean a zebra car. "What's the difference?" you might ask. Well, a car with a zebra paint job is just that. But a zebra car comes complete with a 6-foot tail and floppy ears.

I posted this on my Facebook status and my older brother told me he was disappointed in me because I didn't provide pictures (using the word "disowned" in his comment). And I took that as a challenge to respond with a super funny comment. You be the judge of whether or not it's funny. Here's what I wrote:

In my defense, I'm kind of an idiot. Also, the last time I took a picture of something weird I saw, it ended up being a hallucination. And the lady I mistook for a "hobbit clown" was offended.

So what do you think? Funny enough? Original enough? If not, what should I have said?


Lynnette said...

It gives him too much ammunition for a rebuttal. You shouldn't have outed yourself as an idiot, or admitted to the hallucination. The beginning and ending were strong though, as well as having originality. In this case, I would have said simple was better, and you should have gone with:
In my defense, the last time I took a picture of something weird I saw, the lady I mistook for a "hobbit clown" was offended.

Jeska said...

I agree with Lynnette... short and sweet. Don't make yourself a target.

Robert said...

I think your way is funny... but Lynnette might have a point. Maybe you should consult with her before any future FB posts.

Lynnette said...

Robert has left me feeling very flattered! I enjoy maximizing my Facebook status updates. In blog posts, I can ramble. On Facebook posts, I need to get as much comedic effect and the correct amount of information in a very limited space...all without opening myself up for a political debate -- which I inadvertently did last week with a post about PBS. Yikes.