Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nepotism Schmepotism

My older brother got hired on with my employer. Which is great news. He's needed a new line of work for a while, and I think he'll be good at the new job. But I do have one complaint.

Just five minutes after my older brother walked in for his interview, he was already showing me up. I was immediately told that I'd lost my cool nickname ("Grizz") because my facial hair paled in comparison to that of my brother's. And I was bombarded with questions ("Wow, how tall is he?" and "Is he really named after the legendary Dallas Cowboys' coach?") which all translated to "Why aren't you as cool as him?"

And if that wasn't enough, he got a cooler nickname. They're gonna call him "Grizz 2.0" because he's the new, improved Grizz. So not only did I lose my nickname, but he got an improved version of it.

Okay, it wasn't really that bad. He's a likeable guy and everybody who met him agreed. And I will do my best not to pretend I got him the job. I'll try really hard not to tell him that he "owes me one." And I won't necessarily hold it over his head and make him buy me lunch (Taco Bell) or remind him what I had to do to get his resume in the right hands. I won't do that (probably).

But I will blog about it. And I think having my older brother working with me will give me some more material for this blog. But if he embarrasses me too much, I'll be forced to destroy him. Landry, if you're reading this… you've been warned. And congratulations on the job!


Linz said...

I'm sure many blog topics will originate from Landry working there.

But think about it from his perspective, he is still #2 to everyone and he doesn't even get his own nickname. They just modified YOUR nickname for him.

At least people no longer ask if y'all are twins...that would be awkward...

Landry said...

First off, the only things that will be generated from me working there will be stories of how hilarious I am. Also, I think I know my own perspective. I'm always #1, no matter what scenario.