Friday, February 25, 2011

Nice Addition

I wrote a note to myself at work last week about a report I needed regarding some unknown product categories. And then I forgot about it for about a week (because I'm a slacker). And then I looked at my notes to see if I missed anything and I saw that note to myself. Only, instead of writing "Unknown Categories Report Needed" like a normal person, I had decided to abbreviate.  So I wrote "Unknown Cats Report - ASAP." And one of my coworkers happened to see the note on my desk when I wasn't looking and decided to add his own little note underneath it. So my note looked like this:

Unknown Cats Report - ASAP

It was pretty funny. And you can trust me on that because I know funny. I write a humor weblog on the interwebs that's followed by almost 78 people! Jealous? Yeah, that's right.


Jeska said...

I'm jealous. I just write a boring food blog and have maybe 2.5 followers.


Lindalou said...

Nice to have clever co-workers. Very funny.

Glipathi Ronstrak said...

Did you find that you're clatch cowerker for being at your desk?