Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well it finally happened. I was playing Xbox, and the video signal started going out. I started getting horizontal lines all over the screen. The reds looked orange. The blue looked green. Something was wrong. So I borrowed an extra video cable from my older brother and hoped for the best. That turned out to be false hope. My Xbox is now dead. After three years and hours upon hours of play time, my Xbox is dead.

I looked into tutorials online to fix my problem, but they involve soldering things on the motherboard (which sounds too sci-fi for me). And one of the tutorials warned of the risk of electrocution. So there's no hope that I can fix it on my own. And that means having to buy a new one.

And yes, I do need to replace it. It's my only hobby and it's what we use to watch DVDs and stream Netflix and communicate with some of my online-only friends (aka "ugly people"). So it's not just about the gaming. It's mostly about the gaming, but not all about the gaming.

Anyway, now I have two choices. I can either buy a used one for fairly cheap and risk it going out on me without a warranty, or I can buy a new one with a wonderful warranty for three times as much money. The pros and cons lists aren't helping. It's a dead heat due to the price factor. And as soon as I settle on one choice, I chicken out and start over.

But I know myself well enough to know what I'm gonna do. I have enough money in my Amazon account to buy a new one today. And look at the difference below. It's obvious I'm gonna get the sleek new black one, not the chunky boring white one. I can kid myself with pros and cons lists and argue all the good points for buying a used one. But I just know I'm gonna get the new one and blow that $300. Goodbye Amazon balance!

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Jeska said...

My hubby and I were the proud owners of a used Xbox for a whole day and a half.

It died.

Moral: Buy new.