Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My older brother told me today that Blue Bell now makes a "Snickerdoodle" flavor. It was all I had not to leave my desk and drive straight to the grocery store the moment I heard this. If you don't know what Blue Bell is, you're missing out. It's a Texas-based ice cream company that has really good ice cream. And if you don't know what a snickerdoodle is, then you haven't lived. It's basically a cinnamon sugar cookie. But honestly, that description doesn't do it justice. A well-made snickerdoodle is more like a cookie-shaped piece of happiness, sprinkled with pure joy, and deep-fried in hugs. It's the best cookie ever.

So I found out about this ice cream. It combines my favorite cookie with my favorite ice cream. And I was excited. Then I found out that the ice cream has actual chunks of snickerdoodles mixed right in!

Now I need to mention that I have this pesky allergy to milk and ice cream. It's not lactose intolerance (because that's lame). I can have cheese and yogurt all I want. But I think it's some kind of allergy to a protein in milk. Anyway, it means I can't eat too much ice cream or drink too much milk unless I want to get sick.

So it seems that Blue Bell is trying to kill me… with awesomeness. And I'm thinking it might be worth a near-death experience just to have three bowls of this ice cream.


Jeska said...

Hey! Are you saying I'm lame? (I'm not lactose intolerant... lactose is ME-intolerant.) I can eat cheese without problems, but milk and ice cream have it in for me. But that's how it works. You might be in denial, and have lactose intolerance after all.

Try using Lactaid pills or something when you eat your next bowl of awesome-ness ice cream. Seriously. They've saved me from many near-death experiences.

Taylor said...

When I eat ice cream or drink milk my nose starts running, my throat gets scratchy, and my ears start itching on the inside. It doesn't affect my stomach in the slightest. So if that's lactose intolerance, then I'm lactose intolerant.

Jeska said...

Blueberries do that to me.

Have you tried an antihistamine?