Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tweet Your Heart Out

I'm thinking of starting a Twitter account.  I'm on the fence because it's essentially a Facebook status site.  But based on what I've learned from Charlie Sheen over the past few days, I think I might be able to gain a following there more easily than on here.  And as you all know, there's nothing I like more than people following me (on the internet and in real life).  So I need suggestions for a username.  And then I need everyone to follow me from here to there (and then to my house).
And for those of you wondering what I'll be tweeting about, here's one that I'll probably roll out pretty quickly:

Just finished watching a movie called "The Perceived Superiority of Printed Media," and I gotta say, the book was much better.

So that's what you can expect if/when I go a-Twittering.  And if you're my friend on Facebook, you've already seen that.  So it will be double redundant if you read it on my Twitter feed.

Anyway, I'll take any suggestions you have for usernames.  But I'll probably decide I'm funnier than you and come up with my own.


Jeska said...

@Grizzzzzzzzzz (or @Grizzzzzzzzzzzz... they're both available.)

It shouldn't take much for you to be funnier. Here's me setting the bar really low for you. :)

Jen said...


:-) Original, I know.

scottie said...

how about