Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What If I Skip The Setup For Today's Story?

My older brother was standing in the kitchen at his job the other day (not the same brother who works with me). And he thought he was alone, so he relieved himself of some pesky methane. Or as my little cousin used to call it, he "bubbled." And not two seconds after he "bubbled," a coworker walked into the kitchen. The coworker obviously smelled the newly released methane emissions because he wrinkled his nose and frowned.

My brother was gonna try to play it cool because he'd seen this guy before in meetings for his department. So it wasn't a complete stranger. So he just continued washing his coffee mug, and turned to leave when he was done.

The funny part was what the coworker guy asked him. He didn't say, "What's that smell?" or "Did you do that?" or any other embarrassing attention-drawng question.  He asked, "So are you new here?"

And the reason that's so funny to me is that my brother knows for a fact that he's met this guy on several occasions. And they've worked together for about three years. So the coworker was really saying one of these two things:

1. "So are you new here and you don't know that our company considers it rude to pass gas in a common area?"


2. "I know you're not new here. We've met on occasion. But I want you to know that I am now disavowing any perceived or actual acquaintanceship with you. I hereby and forthwith deny any knowledge of your existence as a fellow human being in my department. Good day sir!"

It had to be the second one, right?

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Leah Hollett said...

lol... wait.. is this brother you?!?