Thursday, March 11, 2010

Financial Advice From A Toddler

I found out two things about my family yesterday. One about my wife and one about my son. Apparently, my wife was watching Oprah with my son and Oprah was listing all the must-haves for the coming season. And she was going through all the types of shoes you need and stuff like that. And my son said, "You gotta have money first!"

So I learned that my son is going to be way smarter than me (and 90% of Americans). Because I don't recall saying that recently. Nor does my wife. So my son heard it from someone and knew the correct context to use it. I'm so proud.

The other thing I learned is that my wife watches Oprah with my son. Which is a problem. Because no matter how much potential he has to be intelligent, that will beat the smarts right out of him. Oprah is kryptonite for males. It's like burping contests for girls. It just ruins them. So I'm gonna have to put a stop to that.


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What's wrong with burping contests?!