Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Some Stuff I've Been Thinking

-I think I'll start referring to blankets as "sleeveless Snuggies."

-I'm proud that my son recognizes Michael Jackson songs based solely on the voice.

-I'm scared that my son recognizes Lady GaGa songs based solely on the voice.

-My older brother always gets a balloon at the restaurant we go to. Then he draws a vampire face on it and refers to it as "Steve, the vampire" the rest of the day.

-When my nephew was in the hospital, one of the monitoring machines started beeping. But it was more of a "Ding!" So I said, "You are now free to move about the country." Everyone laughed.

-I'm pretty sure if my son got in a fist fight with another three year-old, I'd let it go a for a few moments too long before breaking up just to see if my kid is a good fighter.

-My mother pronounces "Mandarin" as "Mandarian." She thinks my kids love Mandarian oranges.

-The butter knife that was stuck in a pine tree at the park when I was in elementary school is still there. I showed my son. And maybe he'll show his son.


AFWingMom said...

Your randomness always makes me laugh.....

Vampire Steve said...

Your older brother sounds like an inspired yet tortured brilliant artistic soul. Who else could come up with something so majestic and incredible as a vampire face on a balloon? I think that he is the best of the best, the tip of the top.