Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let's Call It "Counting My Blessings"

Our new HD camcorder finally arrived at our house yesterday. We ordered it a good two months ago. And I did the two things that I always do when I get a new toy. I started figuring out all the cool new things I could do with it... and I tried to think of the next new toy I wanted. Because every time I get a new toy, I want another one. And I usually find a way to get it. Which made me realize something. I'm a superficial, materialistic (expialidocious) jerk. But then I recanted that assessment (that means I took it back, Landry). Because I reflected back on all my toy-related acquirements (that means I thought about when I got all that stuff, Landry). And while I do have a wide array of gadgets and the latest technologies, I've spent next to nothing on them.

I got my refurbished Blu-ray player with gift cards and by selling stuff on eBay. I got the new HD camcorder with money earned from online surveys. I got my Xbox 360 as a gift. I bought my wife's Nintendo DSi with gift cards and eBay money. And every other gadget or electronic product or awesome macho toy was purchased highly discounted, if not free of charge.

So I stopped feeling like a jerk. A sense of pride and accomplishment crept into my heart. I have earned these things! I shouldn't be embarrassed that I saved money! I should be as unashamed of these things as I am of using a stack of coupons at the grocery store. Bud Light should do one of those "Real Men of Genius" commercials for me. ("Today, we salute you, Mr. Too-Stingy-To-Pay-Full-Price-For-Anything Man.")

So anyway, I didn't feel so bad. And now I have to contemplate my next purchase (that means I have to think about what I'm gonna buy next, Landry).

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You're dead to me.