Monday, March 1, 2010

The Young(?) And The Restless

I'm confused about my age again. You're only supposed to be as old as you feel. But that seems to always depend on my current activity. And that just gets me more confused.

Because Friday I got really excited about the new vacuum cleaner that finally got delivered to our house (old). But I also drank an energy drink that day (young). And I stayed up late that night playing Xbox (young). But then I went to bed at 10 on Saturday (old). And we got an iPhone last week with our AT&T upgrade (young). But I only use it to check the weather and play Scrabble with people (old!).

Then we watched reality TV last night (old). But we streamed it online for free (young). But we did so legally (middle-aged?). I'm so confused!

Okay, I have to go do something young. Maybe I'll develop an unfounded sense of entitlement. Or maybe I'll under-appreciate all the things my parents have done for me. Or maybe I'll get a tattoo that I'll regret later in life.

Oh man! I just used the words "entitlement" and "under-appreciate" in the same paragraph! I guess I'm doomed. I give up. I'm gonna go take a nap, then complain about how cold it is while I watch reruns of Matlock and Murder, She Wrote.


L. Shanna said...

Brilliant! Recently I mentioned growing up on Fresh Prince of Bel Air to my high school students, thinking it made me young. Turns out it makes me old. When did that happen?

AFWingMom said...

You play Words With Friends and you don't play me? For shame! My user id is afwingmom so add me and feed my addiction. And yes the whole age thing has me messed up too....when you figure it out let me know.