Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Can We Keep Him?

I've heard a lot of people say that an animal is most dangerous when it's cornered. This leads me to believe that my son is an animal. And he's told us he's an animal before. He'll make the noises a monkey makes or he'll crawl around the floor like a dog. But we had to corner him the past few days to get some drops in his eyes. And he knew what we were doing. And I'm being completely honest when I say that he scares me a little now.

A few days ago, Andrew started rubbing his eyes. Then he woke up and one of them was swollen almost shut. Children's Claritin didn't really help, so his doctor suggested drops. And she said it's either really bad allergies or pink eye. But after having to use the drops, I'm convinced it's the rage virus.

I was sitting down, holding his arms down and his head up so my wife could administer the drops. I felt like the guy holding the animal when branding cattle. It was almost impossible to hold him down. I think he's been working out while we all sleep at night. Because he was freakishly strong. He was able to use a combination of back-arching and appendage-flailing to free himself a few times before I really buckled down. He could make a name for himself as an escape artist. And then there was the screaming. You would think we had actually branded him with the way he was carrying on.

The weird thing to me is that they don't even hurt. I looked at the bottle and the ingredients don't include alcohol, lemon juice, peroxide, or acid. And as soon as we let him go, he was fine. It was just that cornered animal instinct. It's just a good thing we had him de-clawed.


WideAwakeWife said...

This post makes me shudder! We used to hold down our oldest daughter like this to clip her nails. This continued until she was 6! Little kid strength is insane!!

Jill said...

So so so funny. I feel bad for him, but I still wish I could have seen it - while wearing noise-cancelling headphones.

Kendra said...

My kids are the same way..everything from toothbrushing and nailclipping to (shudders) anytime there has to be meds administered. You should have seen the poor nurses last time we went in for shots. Took four adults to hold thenm both down each time.