Thursday, March 25, 2010

There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

My younger sister was in the process of selling her home a few years ago. And she had to be ready to leave her house at a moment's notice if her realtor called to bring over a prospective buyer. Well on one such occasion, my sister was taking a nap on the couch when her realtor called. So she straightened up for a few minutes and then threw some shoes on and left the house. Then she went to a barbeque place to pick up some lunch.

She went to the counter and ordered a sandwich. But when she went into her purse to find her debit card, she found that she'd forgotten her wallet. So she offered to write a check for the sandwich. At this point, she also noticed she was wearing one brown shoe and one blue shoe. And her hair was messed up because she'd been asleep on a couch. And all these things were not lost on the nice older man behind her. Because he saw a frazzled looking woman, wearing unmatched shoes, trying to write a check for a three-dollar sandwich. So he offered to pay for her meal (obviously assuming she was crazy, semi-homeless, or both). And since the place didn't take checks anyway, she got a free sandwich.