Thursday, August 27, 2009

Top Ten Things That Make You Realize You’re a Fatty

10. The vending machine guy gives you the "expiring-tomorrow" items, and it's the highlight of your month.

9. You receive a cupcake at work through the interoffice mail service, and you eat it. Even though it's been in a hot cardboard box for several hours.

8. You'd rather work on the first floor so that if there's a fire, you're not forced to take the stairs.

7. You know the franchise-specific term for "super-size" at every fast food restaurant.

6. Your day can change course in an instant if you're given a candy bar.

5. If you haven't ordered a pizza by 6pm on a Tuesday, your local pizza joint calls your house and asks if you're alright.

4. You keep food in your pocket.

3. You're always the first person told when there's extra food left over from something.

2. Your sweat smells like fried onion rings.

1. You don't own a scale and your running shoes are not living up to their name.


Wide Awake Wife said...

I love these top tens! Keep 'em coming!

AFWingMom said...

hahahaha! freaking stop yourself! i thought #10 - ended with the word mouth. i realized it's month but it was funny either way. #7 - seriously, it's sad that i do know so many of them. #3 - STOP, you've got me laughing so hard! hahaha!

LOVE the post!!