Friday, October 23, 2009

Dapper Dan

When people say you look like a celebrity, don't get excited. Because you can look very similar to a good-looking celebrity and still be really ugly (like an evil twin). Or, as my older brother pointed out to me, you can look like a not-so-good-looking celebrity. I would prefer to be told that I look similar to George Clooney or Leonardo DiCaprio. (Is it a bad sign that I can spell his name correctly on the first try?) I could handle the fact that it was just a comparison and I was essentially the generic knockoff substitute.

But my brother likes to tell me I look like a younger Dan Aykroyd. And I don't mean to rag on Mr. Aykroyd. I'm sure he's a nice man. I mean, he was a Ghostbuster after all. But looking like him isn't exactly a compliment. And it stings even worse because I saw a picture of him on my SNL Trivial Pursuit game (which I am really good at) and at a glance I thought I saw a picture of myself. So it kinda hits a nerve.

My brother also told me that I look like Tom Cruise. But he said I looked like Tom Cruise in that move The Firm when he's been awake for 48 hours and he's running for his life for twenty minutes. He even freeze-framed it for me for reference. Why can't I just be George Clooney's evil twin?


Anonymous said...

You think that's bad? Total strangers tell me (quite frequently) that I look like Kathy Bates. When I point out that she's not known for her loveliness, they say "but she's such a good actress." How do they know I'm a good actress just by looking at me?

Anonymous said...

I rarely get compared to anyone but whenever it happens - most people say Jennifer Aniston.

I can live with that - although I'm pretty sure it's a false observation based purely on lighting and fleeting glances.