Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nobody Calls Me Chicken

Sometimes when I walk down a long hallway or a long stretch of sidewalk, I try to walk with my eyes closed for a long time. It's like playing chicken with myself. I usually try to see how far or how long I can walk without freaking out about tripping or running into something (I don't recommend doing this on a crosswalk).

It's not so dangerous on a sidewalk. The worse thing that can happen is the occasional person seeing me from afar off and wondering why my eyes are closed. But it's quite dangerous in a long hallway. Because there's a chance that someone will come around a corner (who breathes quietly and doesn't wear squeaky shoes) and I'll walk right at them. And that almost happened yesterday. I was playing personal chicken in the hallway, and I opened my eyes about 5 feet from where I was going to open a door. But to my surprise there was a man standing directly in front of me, looking at me like I was insane. So, standing in the middle of the hallway like an idiot, I jumped about three feet in the air and inhaled sharply (snorted).

So the guy probably thought I fell asleep while walking and he jolted me awake. And I prefer someone thinking that over someone knowing that I play chicken with myself in a hallway.


Abbey G. said...

I remember doing this as a kid when we would walk out of the grocery store. It was always so bright outside after being in the store I would close my eyes. Even though I was holding her hand it still felt like an adventure.

Taylor said...

Good to know I'm not alone. I guess the difference is the "as a kid" part of your example.

Landry said...

I think it runs in the family. Almost every time I leave church to walk to my truck I try to see how many steps I can go with my eyes shut before I think I too close. I usually chicken out, because it only takes once to overcalculate and look like an idiot.

AFWingMom said...

Personal chicken? I am now breathing a sigh of relief to be able to put a name to what I thought was an odd disorder, and that I also now know there are others out there like me.

I play personal chicken a lot. Often I play at work but I add an element. I walk down the hallway with cubicles and customer areas that branch off of it to add additional danger elements. I am heading towards the restroom. And because I can, I try to use my super human senses to determine when I need to turn left at so I don't run into any walls. Yes you read correctly. I try to turn a corner while playing. Try that next time you play!

And on a sidenote, I have been caught occasionally while playing. One time I pretended that I just had a headache and the customer that saw me had the nerve to ask me, "But why were you walking with your eyes closed?" and my answer was an an averted gaze and a quick retreat to the copy room.