Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One And Done

I have a few people I know who I'm not really that close to, but I know a few key things about them. But I'm always afraid to mention the limited knowledge I have for fear that I'll be that guy that only ever talks about one thing. I'm really afraid of doing that because people always do that to me. Like if they know I write a blog, but that's all they know about me, then their first question after saying hello is, "So how's the blog going?" And then that's all they ever ask me. And I have to try to make blog-writing interesting in normal conversation.

There's this older guy I work with who only knows one thing about me. So every time I run into him, he tries to squeeze it into conversation. He knows my dad because they used to work together. And all he ever says to me is something related to my father. He drew my name in a raffle a couple of weeks ago for a brand new iPod (yes I won an iPod, so be jealous), and as I walked up to get it he said, "So you gonna let your dad borrow this?" As if that had anything to do with anything. At that point I'd just prefer he pretend he didn't know me at all.

Then last week he was part of a group of people passing out some company logo stress balls when I walked into the building. And as he handed me a stress ball he said, "Not to be used as a projectile towards family members... like your dad." I didn't even know how to respond. He kinda caught me off-guard on that one. So I was forced to mumble something about stress and keep moving.

I really would prefer that he didn't talk to me. He's just trying too hard. And it's an insult for him to think I won't catch on. So what I think I'll do is find one tidbit about him and mention it every time I see him. Then I can beat him to the punch. And the weirder the information I can get, the better. I wonder if he's had a vasectomy.

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