Monday, July 6, 2009

Top Ten Dorky Things That Everybody Does

10. Secretly love a bad movie (i.e. - The Mask, Over the Top, or Weekend at Bernie's)

9. Get "Tubthumpin" or "I Saw the Sign" stuck in your head . . . and like it.

8. Try to beatbox.

7. Move the controller up really high when trying to jump over something or escape something in a video game.

6. Laugh at imitations of flatulence.

5. Watch old episodes of Full House and say the lines with the characters.

4. Use body language (hand gestures, head nods, etc.) when on the phone.

3. Sing along to the radio really loud by yourself, until someone pulls up next to you at a red light.

2. Air instruments (guitar, drums, piano, cowbell).

1. Buy a new CD, open the case and read along with the lyrics of the songs you haven't heard yet.

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