Thursday, July 23, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Our Kids Will Think We're Old

10. You were around when hybrid cars and texting were invented.

9. You miss some guy named Jay Leno.

8. Your giant fingers can’t use their stamp-sized touch screen cell phones.

7. You remember when MTV had music.

6. You had to use a computer to be on the internet.

5. You don’t understand the new dance called the “floating half-kickers fox walk."

4. Your birth year starts with a 1.

3. You thought the CGI in your favorite movies looked real.

2. You think it’s cool that you can “rap” the Fresh Prince theme song.

1. Your first car, first cell phone, and first radio each had an antenna.

1 comment:

Wide Awake Wife said...

That's making me feel old already!!