Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Cowardly Blogger

I'd like to think that in a serious and scary situation, that I'd have the courage to fight for something.  But when ever I seriously imagine a situation like that, my imagined self ends up crying.  I feel like the lion on The Wizard of Oz.  And I usually try to chalk it up to being "non-confrontational."  Nobody respects a quick temper, so that's what I hide behind.  But for me, that's just an excuse.  I am terrified of hurting someone's feelings or stepping on anyone's toes (literally... I don't walk through crowded rooms).

But I've also noticed that I'm a coward in almost every way.  I was about to delete an email from my Inbox today from an insurance agent who'd sent me a quote.  And I thought, "I don't really need this.  But what if I accidentally answer his call?  He's going to ask if I got his email.  And I'm not gonna lie to him.  So then I'll have to explain that I got it, but I deleted it.  And that will be awkward."  So instead of deleting it, I ignored it.  So now I have this email in my Inbox that feels like a splinter in my brain.  I hate having junk in my Inbox.  So I think I will delete it.  I just realized that it will stay in my Trash until I delete it there too.  So I'm covered.

I'm such a coward.

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AFWingMom said...

Not a coward. You're courteous. You want to be polite in case he calls. Next time try what I do. When he calls (or anyone else you don't really want to talk to) say that you'd love to talk but you're right in the middle of your protein shake and yell at someone in the background shouting one of your random phrases. You know like, "the jello goes inside the tub and the toothbrush goes on the ledge!" Just a thought.