Thursday, August 5, 2010

Like Brother, Like Son

Since we were both little boys, people have thought my brother and I were twins.  Even though we're two years apart (and I'm much more handsome).  But I just don't see it.  I mean, yeah, we both have dark hair and dark eyes.  But beyond that, I think we're pretty distinguishable from each other.  I am clearly wrong in that assessment, however.  Because we each get called the other's name at least once a month.  My mom couldn't say one name without the other right behind it.  In fact, I heard other people do it so much, that I've actually called him "Taylor" on a few occasions.

Well one of the things that's weird about having a doppelganger brother is that my kids look a lot like their uncle.  And that's a little creepy.  In fact, they even act like him sometimes.  And make the same facial expressions I remember seeing him make as a kid.  Here's a good example.  My brother is on the left and my son is on the right. 

How creepy is that?! It's the exact same pose!  And they're both doing something weird with their left hand! And this wasn't staged!  Does this mean my son is going to end up like my brother?  He's gonna graduate high school early and drive a Firebird?  He's gonna be 6 foot 5 and wear size 15 shoes?!  Actually, now that I think about it, that would be kinda awesome.  He could be my body guard when I'm older.


Landry said...

You forgot to mention the names Mom called us. You were LaTaylor, and I was TaLandry (yes, red squiggly lines, I know those aren't real words). Also, not helping your argument is the fact that an elder at church announced to the congregation that "Landry and (Mrs. Taylor) just had a baby girl. Note that I was good friends with this elder's son and spent many a night at their house. Instead of posting long comments, maybe I should just start a blog called "The rest of the story: The background behind the blog post." Also, it could be E! True Hollywood Story: My Older Brothers Blog.

AFWingMom said...

Okay ~ That just struck me as very funny. And Landry if you had a blog like that I'd love to read it.