Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Of Macs And Men (And Clash)

Since I'm using a Mac at work, the PC settings for my virtualized machine reset every day. And since I wouldn't have understood that sentence two months ago, I don't expect anyone else to understand it. So what it boils down to is that every morning I have move my Taskbar and then check "Lock the Taskbar" on my Windows PC. And that means every morning I get that Clash song, "Rock the Casbah" stuck in my head for a good hour. So my brain keeps singing, "Lock the taskbar! Lock the taskbar!" And I don’t know the rest of that song. So I just repeat it silently until I can think of something else.

Fact: You can't create a folder in Windows named "CON". It automatically changes it back to "New Folder".

I told my older brother about the above folder naming trivia, and he immediately tried it (like almost everybody reading this probably did). And it made him really mad that he couldn't do it. He acted like he was being controlled in some way. So, being the good brother that I am, I told him it was also true for "AUX", "LPT1", "NUL", "COM1", and "PRN". So he tried all those too. And much to his dismay, all of them ended up as "New Folder". So he got really upset that Microsoft had so much say in his folder naming abilities. (If you're having trouble seeing how someone could be upset about that, it helps if you imagine John Locke screaming, "Don’t tell me what I can't do!")

I've already gotten so used to the trackpad on my MacBook that I find myself trying to use my work desk as a multi-touch device. I keep dragging two fingers across my desk and wondering why my Firefox page won't scroll down.


Anonymous said...

I dont think i understood anything about this post

Taylor said...

Sorry. I just read it again and I sound like a drug addict. I'll work on that. Thanks for the constructive criticism.

Kelly said...

Haha, I totally just tried to make the CON folder! I just took your word on the rest of them.