Monday, August 30, 2010

Operation Dessert Storm

I'm not a nervous person. I don't get frazzled or frustrated very easily. And I'm rarely on edge about anything. But today is different. I'm jumpy and flustered and I can't sit still. A bakery whose owner is friends with our CEO dropped off a bunch of sweets today for the board meeting that's going on in our conference room. And as a thanks for ordering so many items for the board members, the bakery threw in 12 cupcakes as a bonus. And they're sitting in a box in the break room.

But these are no ordinary cupcakes. These are the best cupcakes in the world. They weigh a ton (because of all the butter and sugar) and you almost have to eat them with a spoon. And as a general rule, I stay away from cupcakes. Not because they're unhealthy… because they're stupid. It's all cake and no icing and they're never fresh and they're hard to eat. So I will always choose a different dessert if possible. But these cupcakes are the exception. They are nothing short of the best dessert I've ever had in cup form.

But we can't eat them yet. Because we don't know if our boss is going to offer them to the board members. And if he does, we don't know how many will be left over. So I keep getting coffee just for an excuse to see if any have been taken. And if any have been taken, that's my cue to grab one for myself. So I'm all jittery now. I don't want to miss out, but I can't jump the gun and take one. My hands are literally shaking. And I'm not sure if it’s the nerves or the 18 cups of coffee I've had to drink in order to spy on the cupcakes every 16 minutes.

And this might be the coffee talking, but if I don't get a cupcake today I might explode in a mushroom cloud of caffeine-laced anxiety. Stay tuned tomorrow to see if I got a cupcake. If I don't post, you'll know I've burst into flames because of the stress.


Lynnette said...'d you know they're the best dessert you've ever had in cup form if you hadn't had one yet? Did you unwrap one, take a bite from the backside, put the wrapper back up, and hide it back in the middle of the box? It would be understandable if you don't remember doing it, what with the 18cups of coffee and all. :)
(Not criticizing the post. Love your writing!)
From a loyal, worried-sarcasm-doesn't-come-across-well-on-Blogger reader.

Taylor said...

Good point. I should have mentioned that they've brought in those exact cupcakes before.

Although biting off the bottom and replacing the wrapper is brilliant! I should have done that!

Lynnette said...

Ah, that does make more sense. But after all this cupcake talk, I'm now going to have to go get a fresh cherry bar from the kitchen.