Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"I Will Never Love Again"

So my older brother finally got a job. It only took six months, the threat of eviction, and the possible repossession of his truck. But he finally got hired on somewhere. But what I don't understand is that they hired him and gave him a start date for three weeks later. And it's not like a teaching job or something like that where you have to wait until school starts. It's just a regular job without any weird time constraints. It seems odd that they would make him wait when they know he's hurting for employment. Why make someone sweat it out like that if you're already giving them the job?

I actually got to thinking about why a company would hire someone like that and then wait almost a month to let them start. And I think it must be kind of like a new relationship. They probably really liked the last guy in the position and thought he'd stay forever. And they had this great working relationship that both sides agreed was the perfect match. Then one day, they found out he was working another job on the side and wasn't as happy with the company. The spark had gone out. I'm sure they got resentful and wanted some reassurance that he wasn't going to leave them. Then he couldn't look them in the eye anymore and he stopped saying he loved his job. So they probably worked with a strained relationship until finally he just walked out.

I imagine that would make it hard to replace him. Maybe they want to give it some time before getting back out there. Or maybe they want to make sure that hiring my brother is not just a rebound from the last guy. My brother will probably never live up to their inflated expectations. And they’ll always compare him to the one they let slip away. I'm sure they blame themselves. I mean, who wouldn't? But it's just going to sow discord among the other workers and bitterness will surely follow. How terrible to lose so much and never be able to get over it. No closure, no peace. My brother is doomed to failure because the company will never be able to move on from their ideal employee.

Or maybe the person who does the training is on vacation this month.


Diane Conn said...

its more likely that it takes HR at least 3 weeks to get all the taxes, w2 & background check completed before they can hire him.

AFWingMom said...

I'm sure it's just HR stuff that will undoubtedly uncover your brother's suspicious past. He did plant a shrub over where he buried the body, right? That way they'll never find it.....