Monday, September 7, 2009

Isn't "Tired Old Cliche" One?

I've noticed recently that people are not really all that creative. In fact, they're downright predictable in certain situations. Here are a few examples:

If you see a cop with his lights on behind someone on the side of the road, noncreative people feel an uncontrollable urge to say, "Oh, he got somebody."

If your baby is really chubby or fat, people just have to say, "Well I guess you're just not feeding him enough, are you?"

If you're about to get married, people apparently are given a script. You'll hear three things:
"It's getting close! Are you getting nervous?"
"What's the date again? Are you excited?"
And to the groom-to-be, they say, "You sure about this? It's not too late to back out, you know?"

Then after the wedding you get, "So how do you like married life? Do you feel any different?"

The worst is with a baby. People hit you with some quickfire questioning. It's almost like they're trying to trip you up or catch you in a lie.
"How far along are you? What's your due date again? Are you excited? Boy or girl? Do you have a name picked out?"

And then they drill you again after you have the baby.
"Aw, boy or girl? How old? What's her name? She is so sweet!"

I really hate all the questioning so I don't play along. I just try to give ridiculous answers.
Them: "Aw, boy or girl?"
Me: "Well, I sure hope so!"
Them: "How old is she?"
Me: "186 days."
Them: "What's her name?"
Me: "Well, her human name is Madeleine. But her real name is Chosen Angel the Wise. The prophecy will be fulfilled in her 28th moon season."

Most people only ask my wife now.

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Mandi said...

This post really resonated with me. If you ever have a third kid, you can expect all kinds of curiosity about whether or not you/your wife are being sterilized. You know, with "the economy the way it is these days ..."