Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot!

I used to get all these quizzes from people a few years ago called, "How well do you know me?" And I always hated getting those because I suck at remembering stuff. And they never picked stuff I would know, like "Name five movies that Sandra Bullock has been in that have a number in the title." Because apparently knowing movie trivia doesn't equate to knowing your friends. (And for the record: Love Potion Number 9, 28 Days, Speed 2: Cruise Control, Two If By Sea, Two Weeks Notice.)

My friends would always ask ridiculously difficult questions like "How many countries have I visited outside the U.S.?" or "What's my middle name?" And those aren't really fair. I don't need to know your middle name (Mom). And the traveling question is just a lead-in for people to brag. Plus, I have a really bad memory for that kind of stuff. I can't even remember my own trivia. Do you have any idea how many times I've had to reset online accounts because I forgot my password and didn't know my own verification questions? It's at least once a week. I don't know my favorite teacher or my favorite author's last name. I didn't even know I'd ever picked a favorite.

Also, I think I put on too much deodorant this morning and it seems to be getting me high. I feel all loopy and light-headed. I hope that helps explain the post today. Thanks, Right Guard!

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AFWingMom said...

Well at least you used deodorant. In the future to avoid feeling loopy and light-headed I hope you choose to use it more responsibly otherwise you will end up being the reason they have to begin printing warning labels on them.