Friday, January 15, 2010

Things I Didn't Know The Meaning Of Until Looking Them Up For This Post

Tuffet/Curds and Whey - I assumed tuffet was some sort of fuzzy hill and curds and whey was the 19th century version of Mac and Cheese. But a tuffet is a stool and curds and whey is like cottage cheese with less flavor. So much for that.

Turkish Delight - That kid in Narnia loved it. It was warm and sounded like the word "turkey," so I thought maybe it was some kind of breaded chicken tender, but made with turkey. Turns out, it's a pastry!

Prima donna - Until ten seconds ago, I would have sworn to you that it was spelled "PreMadonna" and that it meant something before 1982.

Pedantic - All I knew was that Joey learned it from the word-a-day toilet paper he got from Chandler.

Centrifugal/Centripetal Forces - I have to admit, after reading about these on Wikipedia, I'll still don't have a clue.

Pejorative - I remembered this word when I saw it on the "Prima donna" Wiki page. I thought it meant being really excited and joyful about something. I was so close!

Impressionism - I thought it was a type of painting where you only use dots. Then you zoom out and it's a real picture. Apparently, I'm not an art connoisseur.

Connoisseur - I definitely can't spell it without help. But I thought it meant an addict. Think about it... wine connoisseur, art connoisseur, food connoisseur. Wino, pretentious hippie, fat guy.


Anonymous said...

Isn't centrifugal force the reason you stay up against the wall on the Gravitron?

Lindalou said...


R.A. said...

Turkish Delight isn't a pastry. It's a jelly candy covered in powdered sugar.

Taylor said...

You're right. I meant confection. I get mixed up because I'm always so excited when I talk about desserts.

Jeska said...

It's really hard to see un-visited links on your site - they're grey on blue.

A version of Turkish Delights is produced near my hometown... Aplets and Cotlets. Give them a try!

Taylor said...


I know, the links are gray and I've changed every setting they give me to try and fix it. But nothing works. Sorry.