Monday, January 4, 2010

What's In A Name?

My two-year old niece said this to me yesterday:
"Taylor... are you Taylor Swift?"

My parents named my brother after a legendary football coach. And they named me after my grandmother. So Mom and Dad, I hope you're reading this. It's time to change my name. And since I've gone this long with a girly one, I'm gonna hit the opposite end of the spectrum now. So from now on, I think I'll go by the name "Chuck Danger Norris." And I'm gonna jump the gun here and assign my own nickname, too. Please now refer to me as "Bonecrusher Scorpion, Texas Ranger."


Jill said...

She just thought that because she only knows what [the real] Taylor Swift SOUNDS like. The bright side is that she must think you're a great singer!

Lindalou said...

It is ironic that "Chuck Norris" is the correct answer to so many of life's questions.

Jill said...

I re-read this and thought of something. Why don't you take up running, and then you CAN be Taylor Swift?!?