Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blah Blah Blog

So I made the mistake of telling people at work that I don't have a nickname. And I complained about not having one. That was very stupid. In the past three days I've been called Butch, Chunk, Sloth, Big Magic, and Tinkerbell. So two women's nicknames, the fat kid from Goonies, the deformed giant from Goonies, and whatever "Big Magic" is from.

The mistake started when a guy called me "Slick." I thought he was talking about how I'm slick with computers and how I use a website called slickdeals to find really good online shopping deals. So I told someone else that he gave me a nickname. But he apparently calls everyone that. And that's when I complained about never getting a nickname.

But I promise you, if one person calls me "Tay-Tay" then I'll lose it. That's my snapping point. I'd rather go by Tinkerbell. Why won't they just call me by my name? I sent them the link to my blog. But I guess "Bonecrusher Scorpion, Texas Ranger" is a mouthful.


AFWingMom said...

Well T-bone I'm not sure why they don't call you by your name.

NavyMan12 said...

I have to say that "Big Magic" is a really cool nick name. I'd stick with that one. If not, you should try to get people to call you DJ McSweet Pants.