Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Face The Music

I'm always looking for stuff. I'm always looking for good deals, I'm always looking for ways to earn more money, and I'm always looking for the six-fingered man who killed my father. But my older brother is always looking for music. He likes to find it "on his own" instead of hearing it on the radio. It's all about discovery and "not letting other people tell you what you like." So if he hears a song for the first time on the radio, he won't like it. He refuses to even listen to the radio. And while that bugs me, I guess I can kinda understand it. I don't think it's really a nonconformist thing. It's a "proud of your music tastes" thing.

But what's funny to me is that he looks for specific music. Not so much specific artists or genres or songs. More like specific music to fit impossible scenarios in his life. He's picked out his "intro song" for when he plays professional baseball ("Kashmir" - Led Zeppelin). He's picked his "I appreciate life" song for when he catches his big break and walks down the streets of a major city, smiling at strangers and buying something from a market ("New Shoes" - Paolo Nutini). He's picked out his "I-bet-you-didn't-know-I-could-dance" song when he woos his potential wife at a party ("Weapon of Choice" - Fatboy Slim). And he's picked out his "slo-mo walk" song for when he's in an action movie with Chuck Norris, busting in the door getting ready to beat up every punk in the room ("Cochise" - Audioslave).

If you know those songs, you know he's chosen them very wisely. And I really hope I can join him for the last one. We perfected a slow-motion walk back in the day, and we've been dying for a chance to use it. It's pretty amazing. Maybe one day I'll put it on a video and post it on here. But probably not.


Lindalou said...

Chuck Norris is the answer to any questions that you don't know the answer to. You've probably got a 50% of getting it right.

Jill said...

I LOVE Weapon of Choice. Thanks for reminding me! "You can go with this, or you can go with that..."