Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eight Groan-Worthy Nerdy Jokes And Puns

1. If Admiral Ackbar worked at Starbucks, he'd give me my order and yell, "It's a frap!"

2. Why would anyone buy a Toyota Highlander? Everybody knows that in the end, there can be only one.

3. I think I'll go to the grocery store and re-label all the Sparkling Cider as "Twilight Vampire" Cider.

4. I think the Harry Potter series would have been much better if David Caruso stood in the wreckage of the Potter house at the beginning of the first book, put his hands on his hips and said, "Well, it seems our murderer is... *removes glasses* ...magically malicious."

5. I'm not gonna buy any of the new Motorola Droids. They're not the droids I'm looking for.

6. When I'm playing Yahtzee and someone's going for fours, I always say, "May the fours be with you."

7. It's a good thing there's not a battery company named "Red Shirt." Nobody would buy them because they die so quickly.

8. If Frodo was a ninja (and he could totally be one since he can go invisible) his motto could be, "Before you die, you see the Ring... of Power."

1 comment:

Lindalou said...

My fav is #5. They should really use that in their commercials somehow.