Tuesday, April 6, 2010

They're Always Behind You! How Is That Not Creepy!

Maybe I watched the movie Ghost before I was ready. Or maybe I had a terrifying dream when I was little. I'm not really sure what makes me hate fictional shadows so much. But something about a shadow being able to do stuff just scares the wits out of me. Even the Disney cartoon version of Peter Pan had a shadow that was independent of him. It wasn't even sinister. But that creeped me out.

We were watching The Princess and the Frog last night for the first time. And the "mean guy" (as referred to by my son) had a shadow that acted independently of him. And then he unleashed evil minion shadows to chase after the "frog and the pretty frog" (as referred to by my son). My son was only mildly freaked out. He just didn't like the shadows. But I had a chill run through my veins and my hair stood on end. (And just to clarify... when I say "my hair," I'm referring to the danger-indicator hair that I had surgically implanted in the back of my neck. So I know what I'm talking about here.) So I had to play it cool as the "yucky dark monsters" (as referred to by me) went flying across my TV screen.

And I did pretty well. My son felt safe and I was able to talk him down from the particularly scary parts. But I did have a nightmare last night about being chased by my shadow. My danger-indicator hair saved my life again, though.

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Beth said...

My boys and I just watched that movie too, and those shadows are freaky. I'm still surprised neither of my boys (ages 4 & 2 1/2)had nightmares.