Friday, April 30, 2010

Fancy Pants

I decided three weeks ago that I was done wearing fancy clothes to work. And I deem fancy clothes to be any pants that I have to wear shiny shoes with. So I wear jeans to work everyday now. And when I reasoned my way to this conclusion, I realized I'm still just a child. Because I went through all the arguments I made as a kid and used them on myself.

-Bandwagon - "All of my coworkers are doing it. I see people wearing jeans all the time, not just on Fridays." And this is true. I see a ton of people wearing jeans and I figured I shouldn't have to miss out. I know, I know... if everyone jumped off a bridge, would I do it too? (Probably.)

-Entitlement - "It's not fair! Other people get to wear jeans and I don't!" As soon as I had this thought, I got a text from my mom that said, "Life's not fair." Moms just know when you're having those types of thoughts.

-Peer Pressure - "Come on man! It's just one pair of jeans. No one's gonna know!"

-Projecting - "Everyone wants me to wear jeans anyway. They all know I look like an idiot when I wear Dockers!"

-Nonconformism - "I don't want to look like everyone else. I'm not a part of their system! Fight the man!"

-Collective effervescence - "I don't know what this term means but it was on the 'Group Behavior' page of Wikipedia!"

So anyway, I'm done with fancy clothes. No more pleats, no more dress socks. I'll wear jeans from now on until I'm fired! Or until they tell me to stop.

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Worker said...

Yay for no more "fancy clothes"! Congratulations on making the decision to be yourself. :) Haha.

(FYI, I clicked the link in your signature on Slickdeals cause I thought your blog title sounded interesting, haha, and that is how I found you.)