Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You're So Money And You Don't Even Know It

When my wife and I were dating, she confessed that she liked Vince Vaughn. She didn't say she had a crush on him or she thought he was dreamy or anything like that. All she meant was that she liked the way he acted. Basically, she liked him the way I would say I like him. Well, I gave her a hard time about it by purposely misconstruing her comment. I faked being jealous and said how horrible it was that she would try to hold me to such an impossible standard. She knew I was kidding and it was all in good fun.

But one day, I mentioned to my dad that she "had a crush on Vince Vaughn." It was just an offhand comment to make her uncomfortable around him, but my dad didn't realize that. And my dad is weird. So he went to work the next day and emailed 45 color pictures of Vince Vaughn to his secretary and asked that she print them in color and put them all in a three-ring binder. Then, the next time we came to visit, he gave the binder to my wife (girlfriend at the time).

And two main things bothered me about that. First, it's weird that he decided to poke fun at her in that way. I can understand pointing out a Vince Vaughn movie on TV and saying, "Hey, there's your boyfriend!" And I can understand saying to me, "Sorry son, but you're no Vince Vaughn." But to print out a bunch of headshots and press clippings and give them in a binder is weird. And really creepy. But the second thing that bothers me is that he didn't explain to his secretary why he wanted 45 color photos of Vince Vaughn in a binder to take home with him. There's no telling what she thought about him after that. I imagine in her eyes, he went from pleasantly strange coworker to creepy celebrity stalker weirdo.


I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Wow, that really is creepy. And inappropriate. And weird. WTF man?

AFWingMom said...

so what did she do with the binder because if she ain't using it....i'm just saying i know people who want it. ;)

and it must make me really weird too because i didn't think it was that creepy. hmmm....i'm rethinking now what you think of me....haha!

Rebecca F. said...

Really?? What a weird thing to do..... Really weird.


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