Friday, April 9, 2010

Women: Scheming From Birth

My daughter has learned something that I didn't want her to learn. It's not exactly embarrassing, but it's an indication of how manipulative a girl can be at any age. Even at the age of one and a half. Every time my son does something she doesn't like, she screams like he just slapped her. And I found myself the other day starting to yell at my son when my daughter screamed. Even though I didn't even know what happened.

It turned out he was just playing with a toy that she wanted. And she learned some time ago that her brother gets in trouble and is forced to give her his stuff every time she screams about it. So she would see him playing with some awesome toy (because we only buy the most awesome of toys for our wonderful children) and she would immediately scream and start crying. Which is the exact same response she has when he pushes her or hits her. So my response was predictable enough for her to use it against me. That downright diabolical!

It reminds me of that Bill Cosby stand-up routine he does about giving the youngest child whatever they want just to shut them up. "Parents are not interested in justice! They want peace... and quiet!"

So now I've had to actually be a good parent and find out why she's screaming and if he hit her and what toy are they fighting over and the most important piece of information to any parent... who had it first?

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